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Enable Eyes Module

Enable Eyes Module

The Enable Eyes module provides eye tracking tools designed for complete and independent access to your WinSlate™ AAC device.  Entries that would otherwise be made by hand, mouse or keyboard are easily emulated with the user's eyes by simply looking at icons on the control bar. When not in use, the control bar is automatically hidden, allowing for full use of your AAC software.

The Enable Eyes module provides:
   • Selection tools: Left or right click, click and drag
   • Selection methods: Blink, dwell or switch click
   • Automatic scrolling: Scrolls page content up or down
   • On-screen keyboard: For fast, predictive typing
   • Zoom tool: For accessing small targets
   • Display control tools: For resizing and positioning

The Enable Eyes module consists of the latest generation of algorithms, software, and hardware to offer a superior experience for users, with fast acquisition and reacquisition of the eyes to make use easy for those who have a lot of head motion. Its reliable and accurate eye tracking technology is suitable for users of any ability level in any environment, and its compact, low-power design keeps all processing separate from your device so your AAC software will not be slowed down.

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