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EZ2See Products

EZ2See Products


EZ2See Products offers a trio of office supply products that work well together.  Their 58-week calendar/planner is designed with a range of features not found elsewhere.  It is favored by those with low vision, those needing an extra-large amount of daily writing space, or who need a calendar with minimal distractions.


Their pads of 3x3 yellow sticky notes feature the same black border as the calendar making them highly visible and they fit in the calendar's daily cells.


Their bold, black pen will not bleed through paper which is critical when writing in the calendar or when writing on any double side printed paper.


Bold No-Bleed Pen

The ILA bold, no-bleed pen produces thicker, dark markings without bleeding through paper, dries instantly, and produces no odor. It is the perfect complement to the EZ2See large print weekly calendar.

  • Produces a 1mm wide black line, far wider than a ball-point
  • Odorless
  • Dries instantly
  • The cap has a handy pocket clip
  • The black cap on white barrel makes the pen easier to find

EZ2See High Contrast Sticky Note Pads

The EZ2See high contrast sticky note pads feature a bold, black border around the outside edges and is designed to fit perfectly into the daily cells of the EZ2See large print weekly calendar.

  • 100 sheets per pad
  • Each sheet is 3″ x 3″
  • Note pads come in packs of 3
  • Paper color is yellow
  • Each sheet has a black border. No more writing off the page
  • The back of the bottom sheet has markings. No more writing on it by accident

EZ2See Large Print Weekly Calendar

The EZ2See large print weekly calendar is designed for anyone who needs large, high-contrast print and/or an extra-large amount of writing space. It’s large, high-contrast, bold design makes it ideal for those with declining vision or those who require additional space.

  • 8.5″ x 11” pages on heavy-weight paper
  • Runs from first week of Dec 2022 to mid Jan 2024
  • Laminated covers for moisture-resistance and durability
  • High contrast black fonts more than 10 times larger than newsprint
  • Huge daily “cells” each nearly equal to two 3” x 5” cards
  • Black page edges – no more writing off the paper
  • Four wide, bold-lined pages at the end for your notes
  • Black spiral bound so you can fold it in half and lay it flat
  • About as thick as a standard wooden pencil

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