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EZ2See Large Print Weekly Calendar

EZ2See Large Print Weekly Calendar

The EZ2See large print weekly calendar is designed for anyone who needs large, high-contrast print and/or an extra-large amount of writing space. It’s large, high-contrast, bold design makes it ideal for those with declining vision or those who require additional space.

  • 8.5″ x 11” pages on heavy-weight paper
  • Runs from first week of Dec 2022 to mid Jan 2024
  • Laminated covers for moisture-resistance and durability
  • High contrast black fonts more than 10 times larger than newsprint
  • Huge daily “cells” each nearly equal to two 3” x 5” cards
  • Black page edges – no more writing off the paper
  • Four wide, bold-lined pages at the end for your notes
  • Black spiral bound so you can fold it in half and lay it flat
  • About as thick as a standard wooden pencil

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