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Driving Systems, Inc.

Driving Systems, Inc.

Van Nuys, CA


dSi provides the technology necessary for disabled drivers to experience independence.


CPO-5 Steering Knob

The CP05 Palm Control steering knob is equipped with 3 rocker switches to provide six switches in total. Each switch is designed and programmed to operate specific secondary controls. The switches provide primary and residual operations. The primary operation is achieved by a smooth touch of the button. The residual operation is achieved by holding the button ON for about one second. The button may be held ON for a longer period, but this may have no effect on the operation of that function.

The CP05 rocker switches send coded signals through an AM frequency to the control box. The signals are read by the control box micro-computer and relay connections are made to operate the desired function. Three harness connect the vehicle’s electrical to the CP05 control box.

The turn signals are automatically cancelled by an 8 second timer which is linked to the brake lights. If the brake lights are ON the timer resets and start after the brake lights go off.


Joysteer Driving System

Bozzio AG now offers a new functionality for joysteer®. The JPAS function supports the driver when driving conventionally without the need to disconnect the steering actuator.

Bozzio AG has further optimised the product joysteer®.
This functionality commutates the steering actuators while driving conventionally. As a result, without mechanically disconnecting the actuators, the steering effort with JPAS comes close to the original effort, especially during sustained curves and relatively quick changes of direction. In addition, we continue to avoid with joysteer® all issues that can occur when disconnecting / reconnecting the steering actuator.

Left Foot Accelerator Pedals

Flip Up:

The Menox Left foot accelerator and the original accelerator are equipped with a hinge allowing for the desired pedal to be gently pushed into place while the other can be neatly tucked away.The force applied to the original accelerator is transferred through a high quality Teflon coated cable.

Quick Release:

Quick Release was developed to control the cars original accelerator is compatible with vehicles driven from either the right or left side of the vehicle.The Menox pedal is universal and can be installed into most makes and models.When not in use, the left foot accelerator must be removed from the driver side floor space so that it will not interfere when other individuals use the vehicle.

The Scott Driving System

The Scott Driving System has all essential driving controls brought to a single vertical control column. Forward movement of the column opens the throttle providing control of power from the engine. Returning the control column to neutral returns the throttle to idle position. Movement of the column to neutral returns the throttle to idle position. Movement of the column toward the rear applies the vehicle brakes in proportion to the pressure applied to the column. At the top of the column is a cross arm with a mini steering wheel directly in front of the center of the driver. Rotation of the wheel Left or Right steers the vehicle. All systems are amplified so that the power and range of motion required of the driver are reduced to a minimum. The system provides for a minimum of 6 ounces of force required in the fore and aft and lateral planes. For persons who do not have finger dexterity or wrist function, such as high-level spinal cord injury, a Tri-pin device mounted at the top of the vertical column with a parallel arm support provided.

WAVEGRIP Grab Rail System

The WAVEGRIP Grab Rail System has a unique wavey shape in the grip area to provide a better hand hold with less effort. The WAVEGRIPs have a special internal mount and do not require a flange. This gives a clean and stylish appearance. The WAVEGRIPs are powder coated in white or black; custom colors and brass and chrome plate are available. WAVEGRIPs are ideal for designers who wish a unique design layout. Modular components allow for combinations of parts for an easily installed special application.

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