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CPO-5 Steering Knob

CPO-5 Steering Knob

The CP05 Palm Control steering knob is equipped with 3 rocker switches to provide six switches in total. Each switch is designed and programmed to operate specific secondary controls. The switches provide primary and residual operations. The primary operation is achieved by a smooth touch of the button. The residual operation is achieved by holding the button ON for about one second. The button may be held ON for a longer period, but this may have no effect on the operation of that function.

The CP05 rocker switches send coded signals through an AM frequency to the control box. The signals are read by the control box micro-computer and relay connections are made to operate the desired function. Three harness connect the vehicle’s electrical to the CP05 control box.

The turn signals are automatically cancelled by an 8 second timer which is linked to the brake lights. If the brake lights are ON the timer resets and start after the brake lights go off.


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