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Discount Ramps

Discount Ramps

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Harmar Electric Hitch-Mounted Micro Power Chair & Scooter Lift - 200 lb Capacity

This unique power wheelchair lift features a hybrid design that combines the best attributes of the standard "inside" and "outside" lifts to overcome space requirements in newer vehicles. The lift attaches to a class II or greater hitch receiver and effortlessly loads a power wheelchair or scooter into your vehicle. After loading your mobility device into your vehicle, the lift can be removed easily from the hitch, taken apart, and stored inside.

  • Hybrid design, outside-mounted lift loads power wheelchair or scooter inside the vehicle
  • Weather-resistant construction
  • Can be quickly removed and taken apart for storage inside the vehicle
  • Adjusts to work on pickup trucks and vehicles with tailgates
  • Remote 2-button hand control
  • 200 lb lift capacity

Harmar Heavy-Duty Electric Universal Scooter Lift & Carrier

This Harmar heavy-duty universal scooter lift mounts onto a class II or III hitch receiver on a van, car, truck, or SUV to transport your power scooter weighing up to 400 lbs with ease. Featuring a simple one-switch operation, the carrier and lift combo comes equipped with a restraint arm and rear-wheel cradle to secure your scooter for safe travel. The lift automatically folds against the vehicle when not in use to save space and improve visibility, and the entire unit is covered by the manufacturer’s three-year transferable warranty.

  • Fits most mobility scooters with wheelbases up to 42"
  • Aluminum platform measures 27-1/2" x 39" with adjustable cradle that extends to 46"
  • Works with hitch classes II & III
  • Platform automatically folds up against vehicle for greater visibility
  • Includes automatic hold-down foot to secure scooter, manual crank backup, & license plate holder

Mobility Tie-Down Kits

Strap down your wheelchair, power chair, or scooter with confidence using our durable 1" wide tie down straps. Available in kits of cam buckle style, ratchet style, or a combination of both with a 1,200 lb capacity.

PVI Aluminum Multi-Fold Bariatric Wheelchair Ramp - 800 lb Capacity

This high quality portable ramp is perfect for providing accessibility for those with bariatric needs. Each ramp separates into two pieces, folds in half, and carries like a suitcase for easy transport. An integrated level helps you determine if the ramp is at a safe angle before use. Available in four lengths.

  • Strong and wide design that supports up to 800 lbs (400 lbs per axle)
  • Separates into two pieces and folds in half for easy carrying
  • Integrated level shows if ramp is at a safe angle
  • Includes safety DVD and security pins
  • Available in four lengths

PVI OnTrac Wheelchair Access Ramp with Handrails

These ramps provide safe, easy access for those using wheelchairs, scooters, walkers, or who may be unsteady on their feet. Each ramp has a durable aluminum construction and includes large, powder coated handrails for additional assistance. A tapered entrance foot and full-length step attachment lip create a smooth transition, while the grooved surface provides traction. Available in multiple lengths from 3' to 10'.

QRT Standard L Track Wheelchair Retractors

These wheelchair retractors secure a wheelchair or scooter on a bus, van or other transport vehicle outfitted with the Q'Straint L track tie down system. The self-tensioning, self-locking retractors have a speed hook for quick, easy securing and swivel to fit wheelchairs of various widths. Available with or without shoulder and lap belts, which are required for occupied use.

  • Self-tensioning and self-locking for ease and efficiency
  • Completely interchangeable eliminates confusion of which tie down goes where
  • Swivel action accommodates different sizes of wheelchairs
  • J hook secures retractor to mobility device
  • Adjust tensioning knob to tighten manually or release with small lever
  • Optional lap belt for occupied use attaches


Silver Spring Aluminum EZ-Traction Threshold Ramps

These Silver Spring EZ-Traction Threshold Ramps are specially designed to provide easy access over doorway thresholds and short rises. Made from durable, lightweight, punch plate aluminum, these ramps fit standard doorway openings. The innovative EZ-Traction surface provides the ultimate in no-slip grip - even in wet, muddy or snowy conditions.

Silver Spring Aluminum Multi-Fold Wheelchair Ramp - 600 lb Capacity

Easily roll over stairs, up a ledge, or into a vehicle with the Silver Spring Multi-Fold Wheelchair Ramp. This ramp is durable, lightweight, and able to accommodate up to 600 lbs.

  • Supports up to 600 lbs
  • High-traction loading surface for safety
  • Folds to 1/4 of its original size and breaks down into two easy-to-carry pieces
  • Velcro straps keep ramps folded during transportation
  • Included steel security pins allow ramps to be anchored
  • 1-3/4" side rails increase safety and prevent accidental falls

Silver Spring Lightweight Solid Foam Threshold Ramp

Getting around your home or office using a wheelchair or a walker just got a whole lot easier thanks to this new, state-of-the-art foam threshold ramp. Available exclusively from, this breakthrough in ramp innovation combines a lightweight foam interior with a strong polyurethane coating to make these portable threshold ramps the absolute lightest on the market without sacrificing an ounce of strength or durability! The indestructible ramp’s rubberized non-slip coating provides maximum traction for both wheelchairs and foot traffic in all weather conditions, will not scratch or mar floors, wipes clean with soap and water, and makes the ramp impervious to moisture, rust, and corrosion. And best of all, there’s no assembly required – it is ready to use right out of the box. With seven heights available to accommodate a range of doorway rises, this 36" standard-width ramp comes in a striking gray color to blend in with any environment.

Silver Spring Steel Folding Scooter & Wheelchair Carrier

Easily transport your power scooter or wheelchair anywhere with the Silver Spring Folding Scooter and Wheelchair Carrier. The innovative three-position folding ramp allows you to easily load and unload your scooter onto the carrier. Durable and lightweight, this is one of the most user-friendly wheelchair carriers on the market!

  • Powder-coated steel construction supports up to 400-lbs
  • Compatible with class III and IV 2" trailer hitches
  • Includes anti-wobble device and 5/8" hitch pin
  • Exclusive T-Handle spring pull pin included
  • Folds upright against vehicle when not in use
  • 10 tie-down points for maximum security

Tilt-a-Rack Premium Aluminum Scooter and Wheelchair Carrier – 350 lb. Capacity

The Premium Tilt-A-Rack scooter and wheelchair carrier with innovative drive-on/drive-off functionality. The patented design of this carrier allows it to tilt in both directions allowing you to easily load your scooter from either the left or right side of your vehicle and to drive your scooter forward off the ramp rather than having to back it off. This is the safest, easiest and most economical method for loading a scooter onto a carrier on the market.

Loading your scooter onto this carrier couldn’t be easier – just release the rubber-coated position lever, tilt the carrier to either side, slide out the ramp and you are ready to load. The weight of your scooter driving onto the ramp will then tilt the carrier back to its original horizontal position. Lock the positioning lever, tie down your scooter and you are ready for your trip. Unloading your scooter with the Tilt-a-Rack carrier is also effortless. Just slide out the ramp, tilt the carrier and drive your scooter onto the ground either forwards or backwards. Safe, easy and efficient loading and unloading every time.

The Tilt-a-Rack carrier has numerous features to make loading and transporting your scooter safe and easy. The ramp and carrier both feature a serrated punch plate surface for superb traction in any weather conditions and the aluminum construction ensures that it will never rust, providing years of reliable use. A built-in height adjusting hitch tube allows you to raise and lower the Tilt-a-Rack carrier as necessary to create the perfect loading height for your vehicle. When not in use this carrier, with a spring-assisted feature, conveniently folds up against the back of your vehicle to make driving and parking easy and safe.

Twelve integrated tie-down points provide ample opportunities to secure your scooter or wheelchair to the carrier using tie-down straps or utilize the integrated mounts on the back of the carrier to mount our easy to use retractable ratchet straps (sold separately). The carrier comes with an anti-rattle device to stabilize the carrier while transporting your mobility aid. This combination of security in transit, easy loading and unloading, and folding technology makes the Tilt-a-Rack carrier the safest and easiest-to-use carrier on the market.

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