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QRT Standard L Track Wheelchair Retractors

QRT Standard L Track Wheelchair Retractors

These wheelchair retractors secure a wheelchair or scooter on a bus, van or other transport vehicle outfitted with the Q'Straint L track tie down system. The self-tensioning, self-locking retractors have a speed hook for quick, easy securing and swivel to fit wheelchairs of various widths. Available with or without shoulder and lap belts, which are required for occupied use.

  • Self-tensioning and self-locking for ease and efficiency
  • Completely interchangeable eliminates confusion of which tie down goes where
  • Swivel action accommodates different sizes of wheelchairs
  • J hook secures retractor to mobility device
  • Adjust tensioning knob to tighten manually or release with small lever
  • Optional lap belt for occupied use attaches


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