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Comfort Keyboard Company, Inc.

Comfort Keyboard Company, Inc.

5215 W. Clinton Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53223


Comfort Keyboard

The CK Comfort Keyboard is a typist's dream date, it's got infinite articulation and angle support, rugged, American-made gears.

You are on the verge of ordering the world's most comfortable keyboard because it is the most adjustable keyboard — tri-dimensional swivel and yaw allow literally infinite positioning options for each of the three sections: tilt, rotate, bend, flex, twist, flatten, you name it. What's more, the three sections can themselves be moved farther apart or closer together rapidly, allowing for shoulder-width extension and travel as recommended by nearly all ergonomics specialty sites.

Infinite adjustment. You can start out with a nice, "normal" flat-and-flush keyboard. Move it a little. Next week, a little more. Pretty soon, you're going to not only be in a comfortable position,  you can put the numeric keypad in the middle if you want to? k using a number pad where lefties think it should have been in the FIRST PLACE!

You can even get a Foot Pedal (or three!) to go with your new "board- Did we mention you can get up to three pedals to replace ANY KEY FUNCTION on the Comfort Keyboard Systems Original.

Ergoflex Keyboard

ErgoFlex Sections can be separated up to 7 feet apart, as each section is separated with a completely distinct base which allows the ErgoFlex keyboard to conform to people's differing shoulder widths. Unlike the Comfort Original or ErgoMagic keyboards, the ErgoFlex is a FLAT design.

Each of the three sections can be placed at any angle, effectively providing rotation 90 degrees to the left and right

ErgoMagic Keyboard

ErgoMagic Sections can be separated up to 6' apart, It can also be rotated & tilted in order to allow users find their most comfortable position — for user convenience, pre-set angles are installed at 20, 30, and 45 degrees of declination. Each section is separated with a completely distinct base which allows the ErgoMagic keyboard to conform to people's differing shoulder widths.

Each of the three sections can be placed at any angle on the desktop, providing user-defined rotation to the left and right. Each section can be tilted in any direction (left, right, front and back) at 0, 20, 30 and 45 degrees.

By providing rotation (to accommodate ulnar deviation) and tilt (to accommodate pronation), each section of the keyboard can adjust to an wide number of positions which allows it to be set in a position that is comfortable for each hand of the user.

ErgoSplit Keyboard

ErgoSplit Keyboard offers the best in workstation ergonomics. ErgoSplit two alphanumeric sections can both adjust horizontally and vertically, this help the user find his/her natural comfortable posture.ErgoSplit Keyboard will offer comfort and improve the user productivity.

ErgoSplit Keyboard with palm rests can be individually adjusted to conform to the ergonomic and therefore natural position of your arms and hands.

  • Adjustment of the keyboard slope.
  • Adjustment of the hand/arm positioning " splitting of the alphanumeric keypad"
  • Adjustment of the lateral slope

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