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Comfort Keyboard

Comfort Keyboard

The CK Comfort Keyboard is a typist's dream date, it's got infinite articulation and angle support, rugged, American-made gears.

You are on the verge of ordering the world's most comfortable keyboard because it is the most adjustable keyboard — tri-dimensional swivel and yaw allow literally infinite positioning options for each of the three sections: tilt, rotate, bend, flex, twist, flatten, you name it. What's more, the three sections can themselves be moved farther apart or closer together rapidly, allowing for shoulder-width extension and travel as recommended by nearly all ergonomics specialty sites.

Infinite adjustment. You can start out with a nice, "normal" flat-and-flush keyboard. Move it a little. Next week, a little more. Pretty soon, you're going to not only be in a comfortable position,  you can put the numeric keypad in the middle if you want to? k using a number pad where lefties think it should have been in the FIRST PLACE!

You can even get a Foot Pedal (or three!) to go with your new "board- Did we mention you can get up to three pedals to replace ANY KEY FUNCTION on the Comfort Keyboard Systems Original.

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Comfort Keyboard Company, Inc.

5215 W. Clinton Ave.
Milwaukee, WI 53223

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