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iConnect A1600BT Amplified Cordless Phone with Bluetooth

iConnect A1600BT Amplified Cordless Phone with Bluetooth

Why incorporate Bluetooth in a landline phone? Flexibility & freedom. The A1600 Amplified Cordless Phone with Bluetooth now allows individuals who depend on their mobile phones as their basic communication device, to benefit from the full range of amplification and frequency control, as well as comfort and features that ClearSounds amplified phones have to offer.

  • Bluetooth connection

  • Hybrid technology allows you to choose either your cellular line or your landline for calls

  • Variable ring tones allow you to distinguish between an incoming cellular call and incoming landline call

  • For cellular calls, switch between the DECT handset and your cell phone

  • Simultaneously converse on a landline call and a cell phone call using the handset and base

  • Main Base (A1600BT) Talking Features Talking Caller ID – speaks name and number of caller (If you have entered a number into the phonebook and have recorded a voice entry, this recording will be announced)

  • Talking Phonebook – record a name for each phonebook entry

  • Talking Review – when reviewing the Caller ID list, phonebook, or redial list, the information will be spoken

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