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Bruce Medical Supply

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Bruce Medical Supply has been selling medical supplies by catalog for over 35 years. We have earned the reputation of being the most respected supplier of medical supplies in the United States. Our compassion and our understanding of customer needs has earned praise from professionals and customers throughout the world. Great care is taken to insure that every product we sell will meet or exceed your expectations. Our friendly, knowledgeable Customer Service Representatives understand your needs, and our reputation for integrity and quality is unmatched. All of us at Bruce Medical Supply are looking forward to having you as a customer.


ADDvox™ Moisture Exchange Fashion Stoma Scarf

The ADDvox Moisture Exchange Stoma Scarf has inside layers to discreetly keep secretions under control while filtering out dust, dirt and pollen. You'll look great while you breathe warm, moist, filtered air.

These quality Moisture Exchange Fashion Stoma Scarves are completely washable and need little care. This attractive neckline scarf looks just like a regular scarf or ascot, but provides positive benefits for trache care and is available in a wide range of colors for men or women.

All scarves have velcro closures and adjust to fit necks from 17-3/4" to 22" (can be made smaller with tucks or stitching). Each scarf sold individually. Available in: Black, Brown, Deep Red, White, Tan, Light Blue, and Navy. Unisex design, specify color when ordering.

Atos Provox XtraMoist and XtraFlow

After a laryngectomy, your nose and upper airway are no longer working to "condition" the air you breathe. This often leads to excessive mucus and subsequent coughing, shortness of breath and a decrease in energy. However, if you wear an Atos Provox HME (Heat and Moisture Exchanger) over your stoma, you will begin to relieve these complications.

  • The temperature of the inhaled air will increase and will be humidified.
  • Your "breathing resistance" will increase (this is very important for maximum utilization of the lungs).
  • The "climate" of your breathing system will be constant and not as susceptible to seasonal changes or indoor/outdoor changes in temperature and humidity.

Multiple studies have found that regular usage of an HME improves the quality of life. This is because you will cough less and produce less sputum.

Complete Servox Inton Electro Larynx Speech Aid S

Small, light, and comfortable, the classic, original design Inton unit has been in production for many years. The Servox Inton Speech Device was developed in order to help patients make themselves understood as soon as possible after their laryngectomy operations.

The Servox Inton essentially takes the place of vocal cords. When placed against the throat, the device generates ultrasonic vibrations and transmits them over a membrane into the pharynx, mouth and nose area. A clear and intelligible voice emerges through the natural speech movements. The Inton's dual buttons allow more flexibility in pitch, volume and intonation.

Dysphagia Cup

Shaped to direct the flow of regular and thickened liquids to center of the mouth. The contoured shape of the Dysphagia Cup allows for sufficient nose clearance to empty the cup without tilting the head back. Large handle accommodates an extended hand so a firm grip is not required. 8 ounce capacity. Dishwasher safe. Beige or Light Green

Hormel Thick & Easy Thickened Coffee

Designed to meet the special needs of those with swallowing impairments, Thick & Easy is already thickened, eliminating the task of mixing at meal or snack time.

Hormel Thick & Easy Thickened Coffee comes packaged in convenient single-use packets. Just add 6 ounces of hot water, stir and serve. Cream, milk, sugar, etc., can be added in small amounts without changing the consistency. Decaffeinated, so it will not contribute to dehydration. Gluten free, Kosher. 75 packets per case. Please specify honey or nectar consistency when ordering

Portable Ultrasonic Nebulizer

Gasping for air is a frightening feeling. This compact, rechargeable nebulizer delivers needed medication that restores easy, normal breathing quickly and safely. It atomizes liquid medications into the upper and lower airways, for easy inhalation. Automatically shuts off when dosage is complete. Silent and efficient, its cordless operation makes it perfect for use anywhere. NiMH battery is environmentally friendly and can be recharged using the included adapter.

Portable Ultrasonic Nebulizer kit includes: cordless Nebulizer, mouthpiece with exhalation valve, adult mask, child's mask (also suitable for laryngectomy use), 20 medication cups, 5 filters, rechargeable NiMH battery, battery recharger, car power adapter, and storage/travel case with shoulder strap. 110-120 volt, U.S.

Mouthpiece and masks are dishwasher-safe. A must-have for anyone with asthma or chronic respiratory problems, or who lives in an area with very humid or polluted air.

Note: Federal law requires an authorization from a Physician to purchase this item. It is necessary to enter the required information in the Physician's Order fields on the Order Form when you complete your order. This item may not be shipped to residents of North Carolina.

Saline Spray Moisturizes

Simply Saline relieves symptoms of dry irritated nose caused by colds, allergies, low humidity and air travel. Simply Saline Spray moisturizes and flushes congestion, dust, pollen and irritants from nasal and sinus passages.

Simply Saline's saline mist can improve sense of smell, reduce nasal blockage caused by seasonal allergies, and provide clearer breathing by improving airflow. Simply Saline does not burn, sting or harm sensitive tissue.

Sterile, drug and preservative free, Simply Saline has a pump spray that may be used in any direction, even upside down.

Steam Humidifier

The Steam Humidifier lets you breathe easily, safely and naturally. It provides quick soothing relief by loosening mucus and phlegm from your respiratory tract. Small openings in the soft comfortable hood allow cool air to enter and mix with the steam, and the patented control grill in the base enables you to adjust the concentration of steam over a wide range.

The Romet Electronic Larynx

The Romet Electronic Larynx uses long-lasting 9 volt Lithium batteries that last 2 - 3 times longer than NiMh batteries. Easily operated with a single button, the Romet Electronic Larynx has separate external control wheels to adjust pitch and volume for a more natural sounding voice tone. The head is also adjustable for fine tuning. If neck placement is not possible, it can be used with an intra-oral adapter/connector (included).

Includes "smart" Charger (compatible with either 110v or 220v), 2 rechargeable Lithium 9v 700 mAh batteries and intra-oral adapter. CE certified. Full five year warranty on speech aid unit.

Thick-It Purees

Thick-It Purees are flavorful, nutritious foods for swallowing that provide safe and easy swallowing for those with dysphagia. Easy to prepare (just heat and serve), they offer reliable nutrition, consistency and texture. Available in a variety of appealing "comfort food" selections to serve at any meal, or to have on hand for emergencies.

Tracheostomy Tube Holder

Stabilize trachea tubes easily, comfortably and securely; no threading and knotting twill ties. Superior fastener tabs are quickly and easily threaded through the flange of the tracheostomy tube. The 2-piece neckband with a moisture repellent lining and a panel of stretch material (to accommodate coughing or edema) ensures a snug fit. Tracheostomy Tube Holder is made of soft hypoallergenic, latex-free material. One size fits all. 2/pkg.

Xtra-Vois™ Speech Aid: a Reliable

Never before has such a high-quality speech aid been offered at such a low price! Save at least $263.05 over the cost of a complete Servox kit.

Extremely durable and reliable, the Xtra-Vois (pronounced Extra-Voice) speech aid uses one button activation, easy pitch adjustment, and a volume control wheel to deliver excellent sound quality. Powered by either a regular 9v alkaline or rechargeable NiMH battery, Xtra-Vois (or ExtraVoice) uses high tech circuitry to deliver a rich, clear sound and offers the utmost in convenience and ease of use.

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