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Atos Provox XtraMoist and XtraFlow

Atos Provox XtraMoist and XtraFlow

After a laryngectomy, your nose and upper airway are no longer working to "condition" the air you breathe. This often leads to excessive mucus and subsequent coughing, shortness of breath and a decrease in energy. However, if you wear an Atos Provox HME (Heat and Moisture Exchanger) over your stoma, you will begin to relieve these complications.

  • The temperature of the inhaled air will increase and will be humidified.
  • Your "breathing resistance" will increase (this is very important for maximum utilization of the lungs).
  • The "climate" of your breathing system will be constant and not as susceptible to seasonal changes or indoor/outdoor changes in temperature and humidity.

Multiple studies have found that regular usage of an HME improves the quality of life. This is because you will cough less and produce less sputum.

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