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Anthro Corporation

Anthro Corporation

10450 SW Manhasset Drive
Tualatin, OR 97062


Elevate II Adjusta

Dual-surface Elevate II Adjusta is the ultimate standing desk with complete adjustability. Push a button to electrically move the front and back work surfaces simultaneously. Then squeeze a lever to position the front keyboard surface exactly where you want it, 6" below to 7" above the back surface. 

  •  Monitor surface adjusts 28”-47” high; the keyboard surface’s range is 22.25”-54” high.
  • Keyboard surface also tilts 9 degrees forward, for positive tilt, and 15 degrees back, for negative tilt.
  • Keyboard surface supports 40 lbs of distributed weight.
  • Strong electric legs lift 150 lbs of distributed weight quickly and quietly.
  • Large cable tray runs the width of the table at the back so cords waterfall off your computer, displays, and other equipment, directly into the tray where they’re organized and protected. 
  • “Tilt and go” back wheels at the back of each foot make it easy to move.
  • Available in two widths (48” and 60”).
  • Tables have contoured laminate work surfaces with smooth curved edges that are comfortable against your arms when typing.
  • Laminates available in Maple (MP) Wenge (WE), and Black (BK). Metal surfaces receive a baked-on powder coat finish in Silver Satin (SS).
  • Listed to UL standard 692 for safety.

Steve's Bench

This tough table lifts up to 350 lbs and measures 90” wide so it can support all of your monitors and equipment. Plus, it gives you plenty of room to spread out or work with others. Quiet, smooth-action legs move up and down (30” to 49.5”) with the push of a button. Steve’s Bench is ideal for use as a teaching station or utility bench.

  • Very large electric lift table measures 90in wide, 31in deep.
  • Electric legs adjust the table 30in to 49.5in high with the push of a button.
  • Table lift capacity is 350 lbs of distributed weight.
  • Comes with 12-outlet power strip to power all your equipment. Outlets are spaced wide to accommodate power adapters on the plug. Plug your equipment into the table so the cords don’t have to stretch to reach the wall outlet when the table adjusts.
  • Large cable trough holds and organizes all your cords and power adapters so they’re protected and out of the way.
  • Shelves are made of 1.25in thick medium-density fiber board with durable thermoplastic laminate.
  • Steel components have a baked-on powder coat finish for durability.
  • Listed to UL 962.
  • Available in Grey Metallic (GM) metal with choice of Dark Grey (DG) or Wenge (WE) shelf laminate.
  • Comes with 1 three-part worksurface assembly, 1 cable trough, 12-outlet power strip, 1 horizontal cross pan, 2 leg assemblies, 1 electric key pad for shelf height adjustment, 2 feet, and 1 power cord.

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