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AmeriGlide, Inc.

AmeriGlide, Inc.

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AmeriGlide Platinum Curved Stair Lift

The new AmeriGlide Platinum Curved Stair Lift can be custom designed to fit virtually any type of staircase. Now, all multi-level home owners can make their stairs handicap accessible without the use of elevators or vertical platform lifts. Whether you have multiple landings, a spiral staircase, 90-degree corners, 180-degree turns, or any other design challenges, we can craft the perfect solution to address your specific needs.

The Platinum Curved Stair Lift comes with a 264 lb. weight capacity and is designed to be as unobtrusive as possible and blend with your home just like any other piece of furniture. When you're not using your stairlift, the seat and footrest can be either manually or electronically folded up and out of the way, leaving plenty of room for guests and other members of your household to use the stairs as they normally would.

AmeriGlide Rave Stair Lift

The AmeriGlide Rave is an ultra-compact stair lift designed to make restoring accessibility to your multi-level home as convenient and easy as possible! Homeowners with exceptionally narrow stair cases will love the ultra-thin design of this stair lift. The lift unit takes up only slightly more than 11 inches when folded, allowing able-bodied housemates and guests optimal access to the stairs. The AmeriGlide Rave is built for durability, with a tough all-metal case construction that withstands normal wear-and-tear far better than other comparable stair lift brands. The powerful worm-rack system can safely transport up to 350 pounds of user weight, and an adjustable-height padded seat with durable folding arms ensures that you will remain comfortable during transit - the seat measures in at 19 inches wide and 14 inches deep

Enclosed Vertical Platform Lift

The AmeriGlide Enclosed Platform Lift offers the performance of a vertical lift with the additional protection of a fully enclosed and framed shaft. The enclosure is constructed of acrylic panels that form a protective barrier, including a roof that extends well beyond the upper level landing. This model is perfect for indoor or outdoor installation and offers a variety of platform sizes to best accommodate your specific mobility device.

If safety is one of your top concerns, you can rest assured knowing that the AmeriGlide EPL complies with all national safety standards and offers a whole host of safety features that will ensure accident free operation. The lift's controls features a design that requires constant, light pressure in order to operate and an emergency stop so that you can halt operation of your lift at any time for any reason.

This fully loaded option comes with your choice of colors, allowing you to customize your lift to best compliment your décor. Other optional features include: a fixed ramp for smooth transitions, three- stop capabilities, and a power door.

Hercules II 750 Commercial Vertical Lift

AmeriGlide’s Hercules II 750 Commercial Vertical Platform Lift has been specially designed to increase accessibility in even the most rugged and demanding work environments.  This durable and reliable lift will make the perfect addition to your business or commercial building and allow employees and visitors to enjoy safe and easy access to all areas.

This powerful lift comes with a 750 pound weight capacity and spacious design.  The sturdy platform comes standard with a fixed folding ramp, making it easy to enter and exit your vertical lift; an automatic folding ramp is also available for an additional charge.  Once the lift is in motion, the raised ramp will add extra stability and ensure that you are securely in place.  An easily accessible constant pressure rocker switch makes operating your lift both simple and safe.  Additional safety features include an emergency stop button, safety sensors that can detect obstacles, and a key lock for the controls.  

Hercules II 750 Portable

If your home or business has at least two locations that are inaccessible for wheelchair and scooter users, the Portable Hercules II 750 will easily solve your problems. The Portable Hercules II 750 is virtually the same as the reliable and popular standard Hercules II 750, but with the addition of the portability package. Casters on the underside make this lift extremely easy to transport from one location to another.

The Portable Hercules II 750 has a 750-pound weight capacity and 36" x 54" non-skid platform. You can be sure that your lift is ADA compliant right out of the box, too. Installation is simple and your guests and/or customers will love the fact that you have a Portable Hercules II 750. 

Hercules II Toe Guard Commercial Vertical Lift

The all new AmeriGlide Hercules Toe Guard Commercial Vertical Lift is revolutionizing the VPL installation process. Unlike traditional models, this self-contained unit features a stationary lower landing that doesn’t require the installation of a hoistway. This makes it the perfect choice for existing sites that may not have the space to install other VPL options. 

This powerful lift offers the same smooth and powerful ride you have come to expect from AmeriGlide products all at an incredible value. The Hercules Toe Guard VPL comes standard with a 750 pound weight capacity, safety gate and easy to operate controls. It is also backed by the industry’s best warranty so that you can feel confident that your investment will continue to operate at peak performance levels. Call today to learn more and equip your building with a VPL for less.

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