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Hercules II 750 Commercial Vertical Lift

Hercules II 750 Commercial Vertical Lift

AmeriGlide’s Hercules II 750 Commercial Vertical Platform Lift has been specially designed to increase accessibility in even the most rugged and demanding work environments.  This durable and reliable lift will make the perfect addition to your business or commercial building and allow employees and visitors to enjoy safe and easy access to all areas.

This powerful lift comes with a 750 pound weight capacity and spacious design.  The sturdy platform comes standard with a fixed folding ramp, making it easy to enter and exit your vertical lift; an automatic folding ramp is also available for an additional charge.  Once the lift is in motion, the raised ramp will add extra stability and ensure that you are securely in place.  An easily accessible constant pressure rocker switch makes operating your lift both simple and safe.  Additional safety features include an emergency stop button, safety sensors that can detect obstacles, and a key lock for the controls.  

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