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Air Technical Industries

Air Technical Industries

7501 Clover Ave.
Mentor, OH 44060


High-Density Storage & Retrieval System

Heavy-duty power that delivers!

Capable of lifting up to 4,000 lbs. of 48″ x 96″ materials up to a height of 200″, transport it to the desired slot, and then unload it into the live storage rack.

It can retrieve one or more sheets or the whole stack, lower it, and deliver it to a designated drop-off area.

Safe & smooth loading and unloading.

Pantographic design for uniform lifting. The top is equipped with a power roller conveyor for loading and unloading. Next to the conveyor is a 30″ wide skid-proof catwalk for the operator equipped with a 42″ high safety railing with kickboard.

Variable speed for ultimate control.

Able to travel laterally along an inverted angle iron guide on V-groove wheels that are electro-mechanically driven.

Variable speed propulsion guarantees smooth acceleration and deceleration.

The controls can be located at either end of the safety railing on the operator’s deck.

Husky-Master Mobile Hydraulic Floor Cranes

  • The Husky-Master is the most versatile and configurable shop crane, floor crane, portable crane in the industry!
  • 2,000, 4,000, and 6,000 lb. cap., lifts 8 to 12 ft. high
  • Designed for heavy-duty lifting, loading and positioning Ruggedly-constructed; will give dependable, long-lasting use. Standard hand-pump hydraulic lift cylinder
  • Powered cylinder lift optional Electric (either battery or 110 volt AC) and air power cylinder lift are available.
  • Powered telescopic boom provides maximum versatility Counterweight required for maximum extended boom capacity.

Low Profile Zero-Low Lift Table

TI’s new Low Profile Zero-Low Lift Table brings load even closer to the operator to save time, improve safety, reduce worker fatigue, boost morale–all providing increased productivity and profits!

  • 1000 & 2500 lb. capacities, up to 48 in. lift height
  • Lower, narrower fenders provide easier access by operator
  • Designed for easier load by pallet truck
  • Wide variety of deck sizes available to fit any size load
  • Electric or air operation
  • Double Acting Cylinder Package

Mechanical Lift Tables

  • 250 to 1,000 lbs. capacity, up to 84 in. raised height & variable deck sizes listed below
  • Highly versatile–ideal for a wide range of applications
  • Both butcher block and metal deck available
  • Wheels optional for added mobility and versatility
  • Electrically powered available

Omni Trax Omni-Directional Mobility

  • Travel as slow as one fpm (up to 4 mph) for precise positioning or manuevering in tight spaces or around expensive equipment.
  • Turn on a dime to travel in any direction desired without having to back in and out or compensate for a wide turning radius.
  • All power components are neatly hidden away in the fenders, yet are still easily accessible via hinged access panels.
  • Low maintenance! Keep the batteries charged and go to work without having to worry about constant maintenance and repairs.

Super-Master Mobile Hydraulic Floor Crane

  • 2,000, 4,000, and 6,000 lb. capacities, up to 13 ft. lift height
  • Provides remarkable versatility for a wide range of jobs
  • Designed for easy movement from job to job
  • Large diameter polyurethane coated wheels and dual swivel casters with pivoted steering handle makes positioning quick, easy and accurate.
  • Remote electric controls available for easy, efficient operation
  • (standard controls are mast-mounted hand valves)
  • Hydraulic lifting cylinder provides precise control
  • The heavy-duty hydraulic lifting cylinder on a standard Super-Master is hand-pump operated. Optional battery or 110 volt AC power is available.

Truck-Mounted Foldable Hydraulic Crane

    2,000 lb. capacity, up to 130 in. lift height.
    Crane folds up for portability.
    Boom lowers to vertical position enabling crane to be carried by two people; has built-in carrying handles.
    Boom lift is operated by hydraulic cylinder for smooth easy operation
    360° free baseplate rotation.
    Powered lifting cylinder remote control winch operated cable lift, and remote controls are all available.
    Can be powered either by battery or plug-in 110 volt AC.


Zero-Low Scissory Lift Table

  • 250 to 50,000 lb. capacities, up to 96 in. raised height
  • Ground level, roll-on loading, roll-off unloading
  • No required lifting decreases possibility of worker injuries
  • A variety of uses means greater material handling versatility
  • Wheel-mounted option available for added flexibility and mobility — increases overall size
  • Various power options available
  • Tables designed for smooth, easy, and safe operation
  • Self-propelled models offer maximum handling efficiency
  • Double Acting Cylinder Package

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