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High-Density Storage & Retrieval System

High-Density Storage & Retrieval System

Heavy-duty power that delivers!

Capable of lifting up to 4,000 lbs. of 48″ x 96″ materials up to a height of 200″, transport it to the desired slot, and then unload it into the live storage rack.

It can retrieve one or more sheets or the whole stack, lower it, and deliver it to a designated drop-off area.

Safe & smooth loading and unloading.

Pantographic design for uniform lifting. The top is equipped with a power roller conveyor for loading and unloading. Next to the conveyor is a 30″ wide skid-proof catwalk for the operator equipped with a 42″ high safety railing with kickboard.

Variable speed for ultimate control.

Able to travel laterally along an inverted angle iron guide on V-groove wheels that are electro-mechanically driven.

Variable speed propulsion guarantees smooth acceleration and deceleration.

The controls can be located at either end of the safety railing on the operator’s deck.

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