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Topaz PHD Portable Video Magnifier

Topaz PHD Portable Video Magnifier

The lightweight TOPAZ® PHD offers the comfort and productivity features of a desktop video magnifier but folds away like a laptop. The TOPAZ PHD provides brilliant image quality and customizable high-contrast color modes to minimize eye fatigue. 

With auto-focus, a wide magnification range, intuitive controls, six default and 27 customizable high-contrast color modes, and adjustable reading lines and masks, the new TOPAZ PHD offers the freedom to independently read and view the details that matter in the home, office, classroom, or on the go. 

  • Lightweight, collapsible, portable design
  • Brilliant image quality that is easy to read at all magnification levels
  • Choice of monitor sizes: 12-inch or 15-inch
  • Magnification up to 24x (12-inch monitor) or 31x (15-inch monitor)
  • Over 9 inches of working space to write and work comfortably
  • Auto-focus camera
  • Document reading and self-viewing modes
  • Adjustable reference lines and masks to easily keep your place and reduce glare
  • Find function to quickly zoom out, locate the next area of interest, and zoom in
  • SD Card slot to quickly store images
  • USB PC connectivity when used with GEM® software

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