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Simply DAF - Delayed Auditory Feedback

Simply DAF - Delayed Auditory Feedback

Simply DAF offers intuitive and easy-to-use Delayed Auditory Feedback for improving fluency and reducing stuttering. The large buttons and ability to lock settings will appeal to individuals with motor difficulties as well as older patients who fear the many different settings and confusing interfaces in other software.

Simply DAF requires the use of headphones to function. The set of headphones that come with an iPhone or iPad work perfectly well.

The DAF delay can be customised to between 25ms and 320ms. It works in background mode while using apps like iBooks and Safari but will not work during a phone call or with other apps that produce sound.

Simply DAF offers two clear advantages over other DAF tools:
1. Clear and uncluttered interface with large buttons and the ability to lock settings and prevent accidental taps.
2. Exceptional audio quality with active filtering and noise suppression that uses the same technology as advanced telephony applications. The noise suppression is so good that when you stop speaking, you won't even be aware that the app is running (no background hiss).

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