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Shock Absorbing Lanyard

Shock Absorbing Lanyard

The Shock Absorbing Lanyard is the premiere free fall lanyard offered by our company. It meets all the stringent ANSI Z359.13-2009 regulations, and the integrated shock absorbing component limits average arresting forces to 900 pounds or less. It is comprised of 1 inch nylon webbing, and is available in a variety of lengths and connector options, including steel and aluminum snaphooks and rebar hooks, all of which make it one of the most functional and durable lanyards on the market.


  • 1" Nylon Webbing
  • Clear shock absorbing pack for easy inspection
  • Always ANSI compliant 3,600 lb. Steel Rebar Snap hooks, Aluminm Rebar Snap hooks, Standard Steel Snap hooks or standard Aluminum Snap hooks
  • 100% of the lanyards meet the ANSI .13 requirements

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