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Sendero GPS LookAround

Sendero GPS LookAround

Sendero GPS LookAround for the iPhone, with Voice Over, announces the current street, city, cross street, heading and nearby points of interest. Unlike Sendero's other applications, there is no turn-by-turn navigation on the iPhone yet. No ads are displayed in LookAround. For more information on the other Sendero navigation devices, visit

Note: LookAround prompts and menus are in English. The quality of maps and POIs may vary depending upon location. The highest quality data is in North America and Europe. Other countries are available for LookAround but the data quality may be marginal, especially outside major cities. Voice Over is free text to speech software built into the iPhone. When enabled under Settings, General, Accessibility, it provides a verbal representation of the print text shown on the screen, an essential feature for people who are blind and useful for people with sight as well.

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