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On-Q/Legrand InQuire 1000 Intercom Module & Main Console

On-Q/Legrand InQuire 1000 Intercom Module & Main Console

Including both the system hub and the main intercom station for the inQuire Broadcast Intercom System, the On-Q/Legrand inQuire 1000 Intercom Module & Main Console integrates all peripheral intercom components into one easy-to-use system. Using Cat5e cable and RJ45 connections, On-Q/Legrand intercom stations wire into the Intercom Module. Together with the Main Console, the inQuire 1000 Intercom Module controls all key functions of the intercom system, including talk functions, door and volume control, mute, page, monitor and more.

  • Starter kit provides foundation for inQuire Intercom System
  • Intercom stations wire into the Intercom Module
  • Main Console serves as central intercom station and system status display
  • Speaker and mic built into console allow communication with other stations
  • LED lights show stations' status: in-use (green), mute (red) or monitor (orange)
  • Intercom Module supports up to 12 intercom stations

The three-gang Main Console is a stylish, contemporary in-wall intercom station that allows two-way communication with other stations (sold separately) and provides control over standard system functions like Talk, Door and Volume Control. The On-Q/Legrand intercom features LED indicators to show the status of your various intercom stations: in-use (green), mute (red) or monitor (orange). The console also has a dedicated door release button and a dedicated talk hands-free button.

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