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NuTone NM200 Intercom Indoor Remote Station

NuTone NM200 Intercom Indoor Remote Station

Listen to music and talk to any other intercom station in your home through the NuTone NM200 Indoor Remote Station. This station is for new-wire indoor use with the NM200 Master Station.

  • Talk to other remote stations, door speakers, and Master Station
  • Control music and intercom volume using built-in control
  • Turn radio on/off and select preset channels
  • Compatible with NM200 Intercom System

NuTone remote stations feature local volume control, room talk/listen, door talk/listen, privacy button, audio source selection, audio source on/off, source audio volume control and selection of radio presets. Each NM200 Master Station supports up to 15 remote stations, as well as three door speakers.

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