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NowYouSee iPhone

NowYouSee iPhone

This application helps the color blind every day and in just about any situation.


Simply put, it lets you see the world around you through a filter created precisely for your type of color blindness.

You'll see details you hadn't notice before and you'll be able to take more interesting photos and videos.

Use it to identify any color or test yourself for colorblindness.


NowYouSee helps people with any form of color blindness, while helping everyone else understand their everyday troubles.


- Select from 6 correction filters (protanomaly, protanopia, deuteranomaly, deuteranopia, tritanomaly, tritanopia)

- Use 3 simulation filters to see the world through the eyes of people struggling with color blindness

- Point your phone at any color to get its name

- Take a colorblindness test designed to be taken by anyone (even children)

- Take photos and shoot videos with automatically adjusted colors

- Adjust pictures with an add-on for Apple's Photos app

- Real-time color conversion makes the whole process battery-friendly

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