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Logan® Proxtalker® w/ Backpack

Logan® Proxtalker® w/ Backpack

The LOGAN® PROXTALKER® communication device is an exciting mid-tech device which uses RFID technology to retrieve vocabulary stored on sound tags to produce REAL words. Ideal for any picture exchange system user of any age - for communication or as a classroom tool. Just Pick a tag, Place it on a button and Press - the PROXTALKER® device will say the appropriate sound, word or sentence. Easily adjustable volume, inbuilt microphone, sound tag can store up to 8 seconds of recording, 1GB memory, (30,000 sound tags/1,000 minutes), powered by four C batteries (minimum of 6 months battery life in use). Device available in blue, gray, or pink.


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Adaptivation, Inc.

2225 W. 50th Street, Suite 100
Sioux Falls, SD 57105

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