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327 Huntingdon Ave.
Waterbury, CT 06708


LoganTech was founded in 2004 by parents who struggled to find an acceptable AT (assistive technology) solution for their son Logan, who has autism and is nonverbal. Logan’s father, our company president, Glen Dobbs, used his engineering background fueled by the desire to better communicate with his son to create the Logan® ProxTalker® — a stepping stone from silent symbol systems like PECS into more advanced AAC (augmentative and alternative communication) technologies.


Custom Keyguard

Don’t see your Keyguard? We can make a custom keyguard built to your specifications. Follow the directions below to take a screenshot of your application. After purchasing your custom keyguard, email us your screenshot and order number, we’ll get going on your design right away!  Get started by entering your application preferences below using the drop-down menus.

Our keyguards are manufactured using virtually indestructible polycarbonate, and come with a lifetime warranty against breakage (some restrictions apply).

Keyguard for iPad Apps

Beyond Adaptive Key guards are manufactured with the latest technology, using high-strength polycarbonate, and durable attachment components. Our competitors’ acrylic products cannot compete with the strength and durability of our key guards!

Every key guard is cut to your specifications, so the design, cutting, and quality control processes generally take 20 - 30 business days to make sure you get exactly what you ordered!

Key Guards are not returnable because they are custom made to your specification.  

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