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IS-ER Ergonomic Keyboard Tray System

IS-ER Ergonomic Keyboard Tray System

The IS-ER’s "EasyRiser" keyboard arm features a truly intuitive mechanism. The keyboard tray height can be easily set and locked by simply grasping, moving and releasing it at the preferred height anywhere within its 6 ¼” range. The 15 degree positive and negative tilt can be adjusted with the use of the ergonomic tilt lever. Once set, the height and tilt remain stable until purposely re-positioned. The keyboard arm mechanism is designed to slide in and out on a track attached to the bottom of the work surface and can fully rotate where it meets the track. An optional front swivel bracket allows additional articulation where the keyboard platform attaches to the arm. Additional adjustment and fine-tuning options are available thanks to the large selection of keyboard platforms to choose from, including several which come with separate repositionable mouse trays.

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