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HomeSafe® Door & Driveway Alarm

HomeSafe® Door & Driveway Alarm

The HomeSafe® Door and Driveway Alarm can be used as a driveway patrol alarm or it can be used as a door chime that alerts you when a door is opened. The product's passive infrared (PIR) system monitors the area and lets you know when there is movement. The device can give you information such as when a car pulls into your driveway, so you no longer have to look out of your window to see if someone has arrived. The door chime works in a very similar way, which alerts you when an individual has opened the door to leave, just like a door chime that stores or offices often use. This alarm system is easy to install and it has a wireless radio frequency that has a 400 foot range. The alarm's receiver operates off of three (3) “C” batteries, and the sensor requires a 9-volt battery (not included).


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