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Home Security Superstore

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Driveway Patrol - Wireless Alert

Take control of your own home by installing the Driveway Patrol. Installation is easy - just place the weatherproof Driveway Patrol transmitter in the ideal location outside your home and keep the receiver indoors. Device installation will take only seconds without the hassle of using tools and wiring. The Driveway Patrol works by detecting any approaching person or vehicle and sends an alert signal over a 400-foot range through the use of advanced infrared motion detection technology. This is the ideal solution to detect visitors, vehicles, kids and intruders. Use this device anywhere on your property, such as the mailbox, front entrance, garage or driveway, to monitor your surroundings and eliminate the element of surprise. This product requires one (1) 9-volt and three (3) “C” batteries (not included, see Accessories)

HomeSafe® Door & Driveway Alarm

The HomeSafe® Door and Driveway Alarm can be used as a driveway patrol alarm or it can be used as a door chime that alerts you when a door is opened. The product's passive infrared (PIR) system monitors the area and lets you know when there is movement. The device can give you information such as when a car pulls into your driveway, so you no longer have to look out of your window to see if someone has arrived. The door chime works in a very similar way, which alerts you when an individual has opened the door to leave, just like a door chime that stores or offices often use. This alarm system is easy to install and it has a wireless radio frequency that has a 400 foot range. The alarm's receiver operates off of three (3) “C” batteries, and the sensor requires a 9-volt battery (not included).


Mail Chime - Wireless Alert System

The Mail Chime Wireless Alert System allows you to know when the mail carrier has arrived. Just install the sensor on your mailbox door and use the receiver in your home. The Mail Chime will beep four (4) times when it detects activity. In case you do not hear the beeping noise, a bright red LED light will light up. A security device will also let you know if someone uses your mailbox. The Mail Chime Wireless Alert System can be used on slot-type mailboxes, along with curbside and wall-mounted boxes. It is not made for mailboxes with vertical hinges. The range of the device is 300 feet. A 12-volt battery is included to be used in the transmitter and an AC adapter is included with the Mail Chime device to be used with the receiver.

Visitor Chime Laser Beam Sensor

Greet your visitors with a pleasant chime as they enter your home or store with this Laser Beam Sensor, and transform it into a powerful security alarm as nighttime approaches. This laser beam sensor transmits an infrared beam that will be triggered when someone walks past and interrupts the beam. The ideal location for the laser beam sensor is by the door or entryway. This product may also be used to warn you when your child or pet leaves their designated area.

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