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The FluencyCoach app was developed and designed to recreate the ‘choral speech effect’, which occurs when people speak in unison with one another. This app allows the user to speak in unison with themselves by using a slight delay and a change in pitch. The use of this effect while speaking has been shown to induce fluent speech in people who stutter or those who struggle with speech intelligibility issues from other conditions such as Parkinson’s, Autism, Tourette’s and others.

FluencyCoach was developed with several user-friendly features, including a recording function to record your resultant fluent speech. Recorded files are automatically saved and can then be emailed via your mail account on your iOs device.

Please be aware that this app is strictly to be used for personal use, so that you can experience Altered Auditory Feedback and to help determine if you may be susceptible to the fluency-enhancing effects of choral speech. Since there are many factors which affect fluency, your results may vary. We also strongly recommend the involvement of a Speech-Language Pathologist for any fluency treatment program.

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