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First Alert Big Button Telephone with Emergency Key

First Alert Big Button Telephone with Emergency Key

Get the easy-to-use phone that you can also use in an emergency with the First Alert Big Button Telephone. It operates just like a regular landline telephone but it is capable of so much more. This wall mountable telephone features an SOS emergency key built into the phone. This means it can activate a call to 911 at the single push of a button. It also supports multiple languages and has four photo speed dial keys and a programmable auto-answering function for 5 specific pre-set Caller ID Numbers. Another useful feature is the extra large, easy-to-read number buttons on a contrast-adjustable LCD Display for comfortable viewing.

This speakerphone telephone with emergency key makes a thoughtful gift for a single person. The First Alert Big Button Telephone keeps you connected with first responders and allows 80 phonebook entries to be programmed in.

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