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Early Learning Suite

Early Learning Suite

The Early Learning Suite contains all activities from Early Learning I, Early Math Skills and Money Skills. Learners can work with a facilitator or independently on activities that focus on developmentally appropriate skills for preschool, kindergarten or learners in higher grades.


  • Large, clear, simple graphics
  • Multiple levels of difficulty allow teachers to customize to any student’s needs
  • Single-or dual-switch scanning
  • Supports keyboard, mouse, touch screen, IntelliKeys, and single- or dual-switch input
  • Special prompts for visually impaired students on certain appropriate activities
  • Task and record management system for teachers and parents
  • Teacher controls prompting and reinforcement
  • Records and reports student scores
  • Ability level: Grade K – 3
  • Interest level: Grades K-12

Early Learning I
Acclaimed as one of the best educational programs for pre-reading students with disabilities.

  • Matching Colors: teaches recognition and identification of basic colors
  • Learning Shapes: sight and sound help the students learn to identify shapes
  • Counting Numbers: teaches recognition of numbers and counting
  • Letter Match: students learn the alphabet in both upper and lower case

Early Math Skills
Teaches early addition, subtraction, number sequencing and greater than/less than.

  • Early Addition I: teaches addition with the numbers place horizontally, drills on sums from 2 to 9
  • Early Addition II: teaches addition with the numbers place vertically, drills on sums from 2 to 9
  • Sequencing Up: presents a series of ascending number with one or more numbers missing.
  • Sequencing Down: presents a series of descending number with one or more numbers missing.
  • Early Subtraction I: teaches subtraction with the numbers placed horizontally, drills on problems from 2 to 9
  • Early Subtraction II: teaches subtraction with the numbers placed vertically, drills on problems from 2 to 9
  • More Than/Less Than: teaches the relationship between numbers, starting with greater than and less than and progressing to include equal

Money Skills
Teaches students how to count money and make change.

  • Coins and Bills: teaching counting money by denomination
  • Counting Money: students learn to count money of mixed denomination
  • Making Change: students select enough money to match a given dollar amount
  • How Much Change?: students are given an item to buy and enough money to buy it
  • The Marblesoft Store: teaches the value of money using a small store as a setting

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