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ESG-500 Intercom system

ESG-500 Intercom system

The ESG-500 Intercom system can be used with ESG-500 (plastic) or ESG-500S (stainless steel) two wire, two push button apartment station. The ESG-600 two-wire Intercom system can be used with a plastic specially designed handset (handset is available only in white).


  • Advanced design apartment station and electronic board.
  • High quality electronic parts.
  • A specially designed amplifier that provides clear audio in both directions.
  • Operation at the same time of up to two doors release, including magnetic lock.
  • Adjustable volume and time delay for the ring-up and door release.
  • Two tone-generators (for a ring up and private doorbell) with different sounds.
  • Low voltage operation.
  • Add one (1) common wire for a private doorbell.
  • All wiring should be tin/copper type, 22 AWG, unless otherwise noted.

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