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Bluetooth Mini-Keyboard with Keyguard

Bluetooth Mini-Keyboard with Keyguard

The mini-keyboard and keyguard helps make an iPad or computer more accessible. Ultra-slim, stylish keyboard is designed using low profile scissor-switch keys that provide a great feel and a fast tactile response with quiet typing. iPad and multimedia hot keys offer instant access to many frequently used iPad functions and multimedia tools, so you can navigate faster.

Compact size for easy portability. Small size also means you don't have to reach so far to hit keys, and the keyguard won't let you hit two keys at once. The keyguard is also slightly taller than the keyboard keys, which makes it possible for the user to rest their hand on the keyguard without activating keys.

Ideal for people with limited hand movement and control, who often find standard keyboards difficult. The range of motion required to reach all the keys can make typing difficult and fatiguing. And limited control means more mistakes by accidentally hitting two keys at the same time. It is also difficult for some people to suspend their hand above a keyboard without support. Also helps people who type with a single finger or a pointer.

  • The small size of the moisture-resistant keyboard (9" wide by 5.75" tall) reduces the distance that someone has to reach to access all the keys.
  • The keyguard fits between the keys and prevents simultaneously striking two keys next to each other.
  • The keyguard is slightly taller than the keys to allow resting your hand on the keyguard without activating keys.

The keyboard is wireless (via Bluetooth), has a rechargeable battery that charges using a standard USB port. The keyboard works with any device that accepts a Bluetooth keyboard, including many Windows and Mac computers, as well as iPads, iPhones, Android tablets and phones.

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