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Big Button Talking Calculator

Big Button Talking Calculator

This Big Button Talking Calculator allows you to go back and listen to the data functions. Easy to use with color-coded buttons, this Big Button Talking Calculator is easy to see and hear for both hard-of-hearing and low-vision users.

The oversized wide keys make it easy for those with low finger dexterity. Great for school, doing your taxes, or balancing out your checkbook. The Big button Tlkng Calculator is the ideal solution for those daily living needs.

  • Repeat allows you to listen to the most recent entry.
  • Auto replay will replay data entry for the whole function.
  • 3 volume settings, off/low/high, to adjust to your preferred level.
  • Earphone jack (earphone/headphone/ear bud not included).
  • Unit or digit reporting setting.
  • The big calculator operates on 2 AA batteries, not included.
  • Designed to power off after 5 minutes of idle time automatically.

More Information:

The Chicago Lighthouse Store

1850 West Roosevelt Road
Chicago, IL 60608

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