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AlbacMat Rescue Mat

AlbacMat Rescue Mat

The unique and innovative design of the AlbacMat enables you to move a patient up or down stairs as well as across all types of terrain. Perfect for safe and effective evacuation of frail or immobile children or adults. Holds up to 1030 lbs. No wheels to snag, no pulleys to rig.

  • Tapered for patient comfort
  • Easily accessible multi straps for securing the patient
  • Insulated board provides patient protection
  • Fluorescent yellow straps for detection in dim lighting
  • Foot rest pocket for comfort and security of patient
  • Polypropylene board acts as insulator over surfaces
  • Eleven separate handles for rescuer’s ease
  • Simple instructions clearly visible on self-storage pocket
  • Unroll, strap in and go!

More Information:

Advanced Egress Solutions, Inc.

P.O. Box 33
Bethpage, NY 117143401

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