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ADDvox™ Moisture Exchange Fashion Stoma Scarf

ADDvox™ Moisture Exchange Fashion Stoma Scarf

The ADDvox Moisture Exchange Stoma Scarf has inside layers to discreetly keep secretions under control while filtering out dust, dirt and pollen. You'll look great while you breathe warm, moist, filtered air.

These quality Moisture Exchange Fashion Stoma Scarves are completely washable and need little care. This attractive neckline scarf looks just like a regular scarf or ascot, but provides positive benefits for trache care and is available in a wide range of colors for men or women.

All scarves have velcro closures and adjust to fit necks from 17-3/4" to 22" (can be made smaller with tucks or stitching). Each scarf sold individually. Available in: Black, Brown, Deep Red, White, Tan, Light Blue, and Navy. Unisex design, specify color when ordering.

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