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4 in 1 Safety Lanyard

4 in 1 Safety Lanyard

The 4 in 1 Safety Lanyard is designed to give the user greater flexibility and safety. The versatile system gives workers a number of options so that they the right tool to get the job done safely.

Many accidents occur when users are left no choice but to improvise as they would rather get the job done than climb back down to get additional equipment.

  • Complete versatility on the job to better keep employees safe and working
  • Allows for connection of retractable without attaching two snap hooks to a single D-ring, which is a safety violation and against OSHA's regulations
  • One leg allows for tie-off at the feet
  • Another leg allows user to tie back into the lanyard using a 5K-rated snap hook
  • Y configuration gives you the ability to tie-off 100% of the time
  • 5K rated Triple-Lock Tie-Back
  • D-Ring Extender
  • Adjustment for greater flexibility
  • 12K webbing for added strength
  • Double Shock Pack HD Lanyard for use when tying off at your feet

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