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JAN Newsletter - November 2022

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Ask JAN!

If an employee with epilepsy/seizure disorder is having seizures at work, what should we do?

In the event a seizure occurs in the workplace, it is wise to be prepared. Preparation begins with a plan of action. A plan of action is an emergency preparedness tool. It can be used to prepare for, or respond to, emergency situations that arise when a person has a seizure on the job. A plan of action can be created with the employee and employer and can include information such as:

  • emergency contact information
  • visual or audible warning signs
  • how/when to provide on-site medical assistance
  • how/when to call 9-1-1
  • how to provide environmental support
  • who to designate as emergency responders
  • who to go to for help
  • how to educate co-workers about epilepsy

See JAN’s Sample Plan of Action.

Consultants' Corner

When an employee with epilepsy/seizure disorder becomes unable to drive due to their medical condition, one of the questions employers often have is whether the employee remains qualified for the job. The main issue is often whether driving is an essential function of the job. JAN offers information to help employers make this determination and explore accommodation ideas to help keep an employee with epilepsy working with a driving restriction. Read Epilepsy, Driving, and Employment.


New JAN Guide for Employers: Reasonable Accommodation During the Hiring Process

JAN’s new “Employers' Practical Guide: Reasonable Accommodation During the Hiring Process” is a summary of some of the most frequent situations employers face when handling accommodation requests from applicants and candidates with disabilities during the hiring process. To provide effective accommodations during hiring, employers can use the same process they use for employee accommodation requests but should aim to minimize the amount of personal medical information received about applicants and candidates. Using the steps in JAN’s sample interactive process, this guide helps employers provide hiring accommodations quickly.

Read the Guide.

New JAN Accommodation and Compliance Webcast Series to be Announced in December

Looking for training on job accommodation, Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and other disability employment topics? JAN can help. The complete 2023 JAN Accommodation and Compliance Webcast Series will be announced in December 2022. This respected and valued webcast series includes expert training on the interactive accommodation process, includes job accommodation situations and solutions, and provides practical guidance on applying and leveraging the title I employment provisions of the ADA. This virtual training is offered by JAN consultants and guest speakers at no charge. The 2023 JAN Webcast Series will be announced via email, Facebook and Twitter.

View past JAN Webcast Series trainings.

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