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JAN Enews: Volume 20, Issue 01, First Quarter 2022

First Quarter 2022 - Volume 20, Issue 01


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Next-Level Accommodation and ADA Challenges

The job accommodation and Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance bar has risen to expert level, requiring a higher level of competence, ADA analysis, and engagement in the interactive accommodation...

ADA and Accommodation Lessons Learned: Stay at Work/Return to Work Edition

Stay at Work/Return to Work (SAW/RTW) initiatives are designed to retain valued employees and enhance productivity. These initiatives can include temporary or permanent job accommodations such as modified scheduling, job...

Ergonomics for Teleworkers

(Original webcast in December 2020, updated March 2022) Whether you provide telework as a benefit of employment or approve it as a form of accommodation, the way we work at...

Accommodation Solutions for Executive Functioning Deficits

(Rescheduled from 3/10) Executive functions are high-level mental processes or abilities that influence and direct more basic abilities like attention and memory. Join JAN Cognitive/Neurological Team consultants Melanie Whetzel and...