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New JAN Accommodation and Compliance Series Training Video Released: Medical Information and the Interactive Process

JAN Role Play Training Video

From the desk of Tracie DeFreitas, M.S., Program Leader, Director of Training and Outreach

JAN offers many Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and accommodation training resources to assist employers and individuals with disabilities in navigating the interactive accommodation process. One such resource is the Accommodation and Compliance Series of Role Play Training Videos, which is a collection of accessible videos that depicts both common and complex ADA and accommodation challenges frequently encountered in the workplace. This collection includes scenarios in multiple industries with people of varying disabilities during all stages of the employment life cycle. Each video is accompanied by a PowerPoint slide deck that includes salient learning points from the video. The series covers a broad range of important ADA and accommodation topics, including:

  • The impact of accommodations on the success of a job interview
  • That accommodations can be easily made and beneficial to others
  • The dos and don’ts of conducting the interactive accommodation process
  • The importance of accommodations in enabling an employee with a disability to successfully perform the job
  • Effective collaboration during the interactive accommodation process
  • The benefits of returning injured employees to work
  • Addressing concerns about promoting an employee who is deaf into a management position that involves a lot of communication
  • How changes in the work environment can negatively impact some employees with disabilities and trigger the need for new accommodations
  • The pitfalls of not recognizing and responding to a request for accommodation and the importance of separating discipline for performance and conduct issues from an accommodation request, and
  • When and how to disclose a disability and request accommodation.

For more details and to access these free JAN training resources, see Role Play Training Videos and Accompanying Presentations.

JAN is pleased to announce the release of the latest addition to this collection of training resources: Medical Information and the Interactive Process. This video demonstrates that an employer may request personal medical information to support an employee’s need for accommodation under the ADA. The video depicts a performance evaluation discussion with an employee, Carson, who is not meeting expectations. Carson has not formally disclosed a medical condition/disability, but the supervisor, Julie, recognizes that Carson may have a medical condition that is affecting performance, and may benefit from reasonable accommodation. Carson does not want to discuss personal medical information with Julie and wants to keep this information private, but after having the accommodation conversation with Forrest in human resources, Carson understands that medical information may be requested to support an employee’s need for accommodation under the ADA. Carson meets with his therapist, Dr. Sniderman, to discuss accommodation ideas and documenting Carson’s personal medical information. The personal medical information provided by Carson and his therapist helps the employer implement reasonable accommodations that enable Carson to improve performance.

Human resources professionals and managers and supervisors who are responsible for navigating the ADA interactive process will benefit from these new JAN training resources. Download the Medical Information and the Interactive Process video and PowerPoint today!

JAN's Medical Information and the Interactive Process

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