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General Psychological

General psychological limitations can result from different types of impairments and aren't tied to a specific condition. These limitations, for example, involve stress intolerance and the inability to work alone.

  • Stress Intolerance

    Stress can exacerbate the symptoms of individuals with a variety impairments.  For this reason, employers may need to look for ways to reduce stress and/or remove stressors in the work environment.

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  • Unable to Work Alone

    Many people with disabilities are unable to work alone. There may be various reasons for needing others to work closely within the workplace. Fear and anxiety can be issues, particularly if a night shift or the perception of an unsafe or threatening environment is involved. Safety precautions may be needed for employees such as immediate medical care in the event of a seizure. Other issues may involve individuals who need more supervision due to greater degrees of distraction, learning, or behavioral difficulties.

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