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eSight Corporation

eSight Corporation

1 Eglinton Avenue East
Suite 401
Toronto, ON, M4P 3A1


eSight is worn like a normal pair of glasses. It houses a high-speed, high-definition camera that captures everything the wearer is looking at. Advanced, medically-validated algorithms optimize and enhance the footage; the footage is then presented on two, near-to-eye screens, in virtually real time and in stunning clarity. eSight's ability to tilt up and down allows the wearer to always have access to their native peripheral vision. This enables true mobility. eSight’s remote allows visually impaired wearers to control everything - zoom (up to 24 times), contrast, focus, even taking photos and streaming content directly to their eSight. To learn more about how eSight works, we encourage you to visit our website 


eSight 4

Built upon eSight’s clinically-validated technology is used daily by thousands of people with over 20 different serious eye conditions causing visual acuity from 20/60 to 20/1400, eSight 4 takes sight enhancement to a new level. Experience best visual acuity, unmatched mobility, ease of use, and new mobile and cloud-based capabilities.

Enabling more people who are legally blind to achieve 20/20 enhanced vision.

  • Best-match camera and lens technology projects a superior image onto 2 high resolutions screens (one per eye) for full binocular vision
  • Advanced sensors, proprietary algorithms, and powerful processing provide the brain with highest quality visual information
  • Adjustable pupillary and screen distance ensures the perfect view for you
  • The result? Dramatically improved vision, whether looking near or far

Thoughtfully crafted to move seamlessly through the day, from reading to activities indoors and out.

  • Wireless and hands-free device with built-in controls
  • Incorporates natural peripheral vision for 100% mobility retention
  • Patented bioptic tilt: Tilt down for enhanced vision and up to connect face-to-face or to walk in new places
  • Innovative easy-swap rechargeable batteries: each with up to 3 hours of continuous use

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