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e-pill, LLC

e-pill, LLC

49 Walnut Street
Bldg. 4
Wellesley, MA 024812175


12 Alarm Vibrating Pager Medication Reminder

This pager sized e-pill medication reminder fits in your purse or wear it on your belt. No Reset required - the e-pill Pager device will alarm at the same time everyday! It also has a count down timer.

e-pill CADEX 12 Alarm Watch

Program up to 12 beeping reminders, including reminder text messages that scroll across the display on the watch. These can include the name and strength of medication, or just a general task reminder.

e-pill CADEX VibraPlus - 8 Alarm Vibrating Reminder Watch

The e-pill CADEX VibraPlus is a medication reminder watch that looks like a normal sports watch. Program up to 8 daily alarms that auto-reset each day. The watch face shows real time, a stop watch mode, and unique Count-Down Timer mode. Never forget to take your medications again and avoid medication errors.

e-pill Multi Alarm PLUS Pillbox & Timer

Organize all of your daily pills and be reminded with a loud alarm up to 37 times per day. No reset required, re-sets automatically every midnight.

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