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A2iA is the first name in recognition technology. As the global leader in data extraction, we specialize in helping our customers access more of the critical, revenue-driving information that has a direct impact on their top and bottom lines.


A2ia Document Reader

A2iA DocumentReader is a powerful document classification and key-field extraction engine that drives successful workflow automation and digital file conversion processes for leading businesses worldwide. A2iA’s signature technology includes its software’s unique ability to automatically identify the document-type, route each document to the appropriate workflow based on both layout and content, and to extract specific identifying fields and phrases.

Complex documents can be defined as those documents that contain handwritten information, and those that have varying layouts and structures. Think for a minute about how many documents in every line of business fit this definition. That’s A LOT of complex documents that traditional recognition technology cannot easily process!

Complex documents can be problematic for businesses trying to automate their document workflow because they typically rely on human paper-handling to evaluate, decipher and classify the information, which slows productivity and increases costs. More human interaction = more labor costs, increased process bottlenecks and slower processing times. A2iA DocumentReader eliminates these operational headaches by automating the unnecessary manual processes of document sorting and manual data-entry of key fields and phrases. This translates directly into improved speed to information, data accuracy and company profitability. It’s that simple.

A2ia Field Reader

Only A2iA’s FieldReader uses cutting edge Intelligent Word Recognition (IWR) capabilities - the next generation of recognition technology for forms processing and automated document management. Developed and offered exclusively by A2iA, A2iA FieldReader leverages the most advanced OCR, ICR and proprietary cursive handwriting recognition technologies to deliver the most comprehensive and accurate character recognition software tool available anywhere in the world for forms processing solutions. With unmatched precision and speed, A2iA FieldReader brings increased throughput, searchable files and improved workflow for businesses that require high-performance forms processing results.

A2iA TextReader

With the single goal to help businesses access more data and deliver more profitable returns from their document conversion and automation processes, A2iA TextReader features a new approach to full-text transcription and information automation.

For the first time on the market, the same powerful engine can be used for printed and cursive text recognition, enabling all types of documents be transformed into searchable and editable formats – without the use of a dictionary.  Powered by a new and unique RNN-based technology developed by A2iA’s in-house R&D Team, users gain complete control over recognition settings and results, and can return both a literal transcription and data extraction from any format of information. Gain added recognition with for specific workflows and data-sets with a custom or trade dictionary and language modeling.

By offering different interfaces and a “plug-and-play” integration for developers, A2iA TextReader allows for a simple and new approach to the market.

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