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Zoomax Co., Ltd.

Zoomax Co., Ltd.

9F, Building D, Paradise Software Park,
No.3 Xidoumen Road,
Xihu District, Hangzhou, 310012


Since 2011, Zoomax has been committed to developing assistive technology for people with vision impairments. Today, with a full line of low vision products including handheld, portable and desktop video magnifiers, Zoomax worldwide sales and service network have covered 60 countries.




The new line of Zoomax wearable augmented reality (AR) glasses, Acesight, is designed for visually impaired people seeking great independence, and it's coming soon! Acesight opens up a whole new world for people with vision loss. Feature a lightweight headset, with Acesight, seeing is as easy as looking.

Aurora HD

Zoomax 24″ desktop video magnifier Aurora HD integrates advanced camera technology with the different needs of users. It cares your distinct operation needs at different operating levels. You will have less eye strain with comfortable reading. You can also perform sorts of tasks easily with the foldable flexible swivel monitor in diverse directions. 24″ widescreen brings more content.


High definition and auto focus 

Active picture elements of the camera:

1280 x 720 pixels


24'' LCD

High resolution:

1920 x 1080 pixels

Magnification range:

2x – 70x

Color modes:

17 alternative color modes


Zoom in/out, Color modes adjustment, Brightness adjustment, Freeze frame,

Focus lock, Find feature, Reading lines and windows, Memory setting

Workspace under the camera:


Net weight:


M5 HD Plus

Zoomax M5 HD Plus is the latest 5″ high definition handheld video magnifier, featuring compact design as well as easy access to abundant settings including image storage, distance view, and reading line & masks. Proven by full investigation and research of users' feedback for better user interaction, M5 HD Plus video magnifier will make a change to your reading experience!

Snow 10 Pro

Zoomax Snow 10 Pro is the perfect blend of portability, affordability, and advanced functionality typically found in devices costing much more. Standard features include OCR and text-to-speech, and a 3-way camera that adjusts for distance viewing, reading, or as a mirror. With an MP3 music player, the ability to store 1,000 images, and magnification to 19x, Snow 10 Pro delivers!

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