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ZT Safety Systems

ZT Safety Systems


ZT Dual Harness

Built and designed for safety and comfort the ZT Dual harness is the ultimate in fall arrest and work restraint equipment.

The unique fully patented ZT Safety Harness design removes the need for groin straps, meaning it is comfortable and importantly eliminates the damage and trauma these straps can cause in the event of a fall.

Featuring a front and rear attachment points the ZT Dual harness ensures enhanced fall protection. ZT harnesses are incorporated in to high performance work wear resulting in a low snagging potential, reduced weight and comfort throughout the day.

  •  Front & Rear attachment points
  •  Certified to 150kg (approx. 22.5 stone/ 330lbs)
  •  Certified to EN361:2002 Full Body Harness

ZT Standard Front

The unique ZT Safety design completely eliminates the use of groin straps, and the serious damage (suspension trauma) they cause to the groin area during fall arrest. The ZT Standard Front uses a frontal attachment point connect to your lanyard or shock absorber. 

  • Comfortable Unisex design  
  • Machine washable 
  • Available in a selection of work wear
  • No restriction to blood flow in the femoral artery
  • Fall arrest or Fall restraint harness - Improved ability to self rescue
  • 100% designed and manufactured in the UK
  • Certified to 150kg/22.5 Stone/330lbs
  • Fully patented
  • Harness is built into suitable workwear

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