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1440 Center Park Drive
Charlotte, NC 28217


W161 Spring-Loaded Cart

  • Sturdy, generously dimensioned edge and base profile sections, high-strength positive locking ensures permanent bonding to jacket metal.
  • Anodized, edge profile reinforced with abrasion resistant plastic padding.
  • Cart base can be moved vertically, ensuring that the contents are always kept at a constant height
  • Depending on the type of cart, the load capability can be varied from 66.1 to 429.9 lbs. (30 – 195 kg) in increments of 33.1 lbs. (15 kg) by means of replaceable lifting elements.
  • The moveable base does not tilt even when loaded on only one side
  • Chassis: two swivel and two fixed casters, corner-mounted, 3.9 in. diameter, 1.6 in. wide, easy running, rubber wheels, “non-marking,” with thread guards.
  • Casters arranged centrally for easy maneuvering even in the most confined spaces.
  • Corner-mounted chassis available on request.

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