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Xcaper Industries, LLC

Xcaper Industries, LLC

PO Box 17119
Irvine, CA 926237119


Xcaper Industries, LLC develops, manufactures and sells respiratory protection products.  Whether it is a life threatening situation or a hazardous work environment our revolutionary, patented filtration technology provides protection against toxic gases and deadly particulates.  Our products address the occupational needs of firefighters, law enforcement, first responders and emergency service workers.  Our technology is also utilized in products that protect everyday citizens who may become exposed to dangerous situations.


Xcaper Emergency Mask

The revolutionary Xcaper Emergency Mask delivers unparalleled protection by absorbing hazardous toxins including Carbon Monoxide and nearly 100% of particulate matter common to smoke from fires. The moisturizing agent, an all natural plant extract, makes the mask feel moist to the touch, and allows for easy breathing.

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