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10ft Reach Height Fiberglass Platform Ladder 4ft Type IA PT7404

The PT7404 Fiberglass 4ft Platform Ladder has a duty rating of 300lb per side and features a large platform that provides a secure and comfortable work area. The PINCH-PROOF™ platform is designed for easy opening and closing. Aluminum external rail shields help protect the rails against abrasion damage. Slip-resistant steps are on the front and rear sections for one or two-person jobs. Fiberglass rails are non-conductive for working near electricity.

  • Large platform provides secure and comfortable work area
  • PINCH-PROOF™ platform is designed for easy opening and folding
  • GLAS*MARK® Violator stripes on rails allow ladder to be more visible
  • Slip-resistant TRACTION-TRED® steps on front and rear sections
  • Model PT7404-4C available with 4 casters to allow for easy 360 degree mobility
  • Soft rubber wheels are easy on vinyl floors and designed to roll over thresholds
  • Aluminum external rail shield helps protect against abrasion damage
  • Safety guardrail

150B 2ft Type IA Aluminum Step Stool

The 150B Aluminum 2ft Step Stool has a large molded top that provides a large standing platform and a duty rating of 300lb. The TRACTION-TRED® steps are slip resistant and the external spreaders are pinch proof. Bottom step has double channel braces and the molded vinyl foot pads are riveted to the rails. The 150B is ideal for construction, plant, office or home applications.

  • Molded top provides large standing platform
  • External PINCH-PROOF™ spreaders
  • Slip-resistant TRACTION-TRED® steps
  • Molded vinyl foot pads riveted to rails
  • Bottom step has durable aluminum braces
  • Ideal for construction, plant, office and home applications
  • Duty rating 300lb
  • Approx. shipping weight is 6lb


The Equalizer® D1724-2EQ Aluminum 24ft Extension Ladder eliminates uneven ground with the factory installed adjustable EverLevel® leveling system. This system precisely adjusts in 3/8in increments up to 8.25in, making it easy to use. The dual action feet on the ladder are for use on hard or penetrable surfaces and swivel easily. The Traction-Tred® D-rungs are slip resistant. The ladder has a duty rating of 225lb making it durable, long lasting and able to meet the demands of the job. The exclusive Alflo® rung joint means a Twist-Proof® performance every time, and the lightweight aluminum makes it easy to transport.

  • Factory installed adjustable EverLevel® leveling system exceeds OSHA and ANSI requirements
  • Easily adjustable in 3/8 inch increments up to 8.25in
  • Exclusive Alflo® rung joint means Twist-Proof® performance
  • 1.75in slip-resistant Traction-Tred® D-rungs
  • Durable extruded rung locks are spring loaded to operate smoothly
  • Convenient built-in bubble level
  • Heavy duty modified I-beam side rails
  • Dual action foot for use on hard or penetrable surfaces
  • Durable shoe rests flat on slip-resistant pad or in spur position for use on hard or penetrable surfaces
  • Mar-resistant end caps


The Werner ACS386 Aluminum 5.5ft Compact Stepladder is built with double platforms. Perfect for those tight spaces. With a slim profile, the ACS386 maneuvers around corners with ease. The lightweight aluminum construction makes it easy to carry and store. It is a 5.5ft tall stepladder allowing the user to reach 9ft to 10ft from the ground.

  • Maximum reach height 10ft
  • Lightweight and compact slim design
  • Two large platforms that allow the user to comfortably reach 9ft from the lower platform and 10ft from the higher platform
  • Multi-use top to hold paint, tools and supplies for any job
  • Ladder height is 5.5ft that allows user to reach just as high as a 6ft stepladder
  • 250lb duty rating for sturdy climbing, ideal for any project
  • ANSI and OSHA rated

6206 6ft Type IA Fiberglass Step Ladder

The 6206 Fiberglass 6ft Step Ladder is ideal for the homeowner or the professional. With a duty rating of 300lb, it features a HolsterTop® with the Lock-In System to secure tools from falling while keeping them right at hand. The ladder offers a full set of rear horizontals and heavy duty internal spreaders. All steps are knee braced and the foot pads are riveted to the EDGE® structure. The EDGE bracing system helps protect the rail from damage. Each TRACTION-TRED® step is slip resistant and double riveted. Fiberglass rails are non-conductive for working near electricity.

  • HolsterTop® with Lock-In System secures tools to increase productivity
  • Shoulder bolt and nut on top hinge
  • Double riveted slip-resistant TRACTION-TRED® steps
  • Back-up plates reinforce all top connectors
  • Heavy duty internal spreaders
  • Full set of rear horizontals spaced one per foot
  • All steps and top rear horizontal are knee-braced
  • Slip-resistant foot pads attached to the EDGE® structure
  • Every rivet backed up by metal, metal plates or washers to protect rails
  • Optional manual pail shelf kit, model no. PK76-9 or automatic closing pail shelf kit model no. 76-2

MT-13 13 ft Type IA Telescoping MultiLadder

he MT-13 Telescoping 13 ft MultiLadder is versatile and easy to transport. The adjustable telescoping design allows the ladder to be used in 4 different positions -- twin Step Ladder, stairway Step Ladder, extension ladder and as 2 scaffold bases. In the Step Ladder mode, this hybrid ladder can be used for one or two person jobs with a duty rating of 300 pounds per side. The feet are slip resistant and the ends of the multi-position ladder are flared for firm support. Smooth curved rails allow for comfortable climbing. With its many uses, this MultiLadder fits all your climbing needs

PD6204-4C Type IA Fiberglass Podium Ladder w/Casters

The NEW PD6204-4C Podium Ladder with factory installed casters for added mobility offers the same reach height as a 6 ft Step Ladder and is ideal for working at fixed heights and is easier to maneuver than scaffolds or lifts. The extra-large platform with toe guard feels like you are standing on the ground and 4X Work Zone allows you to work facing any direction. This ladder features full aluminum bracing and a full set of rear horizontals. The LOCKTOP™ extended guardrail provides an extra point of contact and conveniently organizes tools and accessories. The newly designed foot gives the bottom of the ladder protection from every angle with an integrated rail shield and over-sized foot pads. The durable caster assembly with stainless steel spring, steel stem and ball bearing swivel eliminates the need for a separate brake. The 4 soft rubber casters allow for easy 360 degree mobility and designed to roll over thresholds.

SSF03 3ft Type IAA Fiberglass Step Stand

The SSF03 Fiberglass 3ft Step Stand boasts a duty rating of 375lb with stable locking spreaders that permanently stay open. Heavy duty wide steps and broad top offer more foot space for comfortable use. The extra-large feet are ideal for use on gratings. The deep treads in the steps and top provide slip resistance. Fiberglass rails are non-conductive for working near electricity.

  • Heavy duty 9in x 14in top provides large standing surface
  • Broad, 6in steps feature deep treads for slip resistance
  • Very durable and stable locking spreader permanently stays open
  • Extra-large feet for use on gratings


TW372-30 2ft Type IA Aluminum Work Stand

The TW372-30 Aluminum Portable 2ft Work Stand features serrated slip-resistant top surfaces that are 28in wide offering a comfortable standing platform. The spreaders are pinch proof, and the bottom steps are double braced. The TW370-30 series of work stands boasts a duty rating of 300lb per side allowing for one or two person jobs. Mar-resistant feet for slip resistance on concrete, wood and vinyl floors. Lightweight and easy to transport. Extra wide for versatile use as work stand, stage or material support.

  • Double top steps provide wide platform
  • Heavy steel hinges
  • Slip-resistant TRACTION-TRED® steps on front and rear sections
  • External PINCH-PROOF™ spreaders for easy opening and closing
  • Double angle bracing on all steps
  • Mar-resistant feet for slip-resistance on concrete, wood and vinyl floors
  • Extra wide for versatile use as work stand, stage or material support
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Design for one or two-person jobs
  • Maximum load per side, including person and materials, shall not exceed duty rating of ladder

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